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We breed fawn and brindle Great Danes from Championed (American Kennel Club & Canadian Kennel Club) blood lines. Our Danes are also fully health tested as outlined by the GDCA (Great Dane Club of America).

Our first and fore-most goal is to breed and raise healthy Great Danes who conform to the standard and have excellent temperaments. The next step is to find loving forever homes for the Great Danes that we breed. Please know that we place our puppies based on the home that is best suited for them, rather than on a first come-first serve basis.

Our puppies are raised in our home and are exposed to other dogs, people and situations prior to leaving our home for yours. Please remember that choosing the correct homes for our families is no easy feat. It is based off of what is best for our puppies, then temperament, family goals and coat colour can come into play.

Below you will find some of the expectations listed for our potential puppy homes along with what will provided along with your new Great Dane puppy.

If you are interested in a Sobeit Great Dane, please click on the questionnaire button below, fill it out (remember, details are important) and email it to 

Expectations for Potential Homes:

- securely fenced yard
- puppy will be kept as a household pet
- companion puppies must be spayed or       neutered
- show or performance puppies are encouraged   to complete the requirements of their       contracts (to be discussed prior to puppy     placement)
- if a purchaser cannot keep the puppy for any        reason during it's life span, the puppy must be    returned to the breeder
What We Offer to the Puppy Purchaser:

- health guarantee of puppy for an agreed   upon term
- a puppy out of championed and fully   health tested parents
- a veterinarian checked, vaccinated (age   appropriate), dewormed, microchipped,   healthy puppy
- a puppy package including information   regarding common veterinary concerns,   feeding, general grooming, crating,   cropped ear care (if appropriate)
- Canadian Kennel Club registration
- life-time breeder support